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If you run your own small business, you will know all about multi-tasking and just how stressful it can be.  


The research bears this out showing that, long-term, multi-tasking can release powerful stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline which have been implicated in a variety of chronic health problems such as heart disease, anxiety, fatigue and insomnia.  

It is clear that we need to do something to manage our stress levels but fitting yet another thing into an already busy schedule can just add to the never ending to-do list.  Someone who knows about this more than most is the superwoman that is Pamela Rae Welsh of Worsley Creative Services, a company whose mission is to improve the visibility of small independent businesses. 

When she asked me to write a blog on the subject to help others, I jumped at the chance. With my own background in yoga and mindfulness I know that there are many simple things you can do without leaving your desk that will help you to manage your stress in the midst of a busy day.  

In the blog I write about how just a few minutes spent practising simple mindfulness and breathing techniques every day can help to re-set your nervous system and bring you back to a place that is calmer and more peaceful and able to deal with whatever is thrown at you.

Read the full blog now - Press Pause or How to Manage Your Stress Levels With One VERY Simple Technique.

And if you do try any of the suggested practices, don't forget to let me know if they are helpful. 

See you on the mat!

Love Brenda X

With love

Brenda X


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