Whether you want to become a fully qualified Yoga teacher or deepen your knowledge and practice, I offer a variety of courses which are overseen and quality-assured by the British Wheel of Yoga.


Learn How to Teach With Confidence

By undertaking my Diploma Course, you can be confident of first-class training in all the practical and ethical aspects of being a skilled and highly-qualified Yoga teacher.  

The course comprises eight units in which you will learn how to teach a wide range of Yoga postures, anatomy and physiology, breathing practices, mindfulness, meditation, relaxation and Yoga philosophy and all aspects of the legal responsibilities associated with being a Yoga teacher.

Significant time is also devoted to ‘how to teach’ supporting the professional practices required to make you an extraordinary teacher. 

At the end of the course, you will be a fully qualified BWY Yoga teacher.

Train With Me to Become a Yoga Teacher

My new British Wheel of Yoga Diploma in Teaching Yoga begins in 2024.  

This is regulated by Ofqual (the Office for Qualifications and Examinations Regulation) and so is bench marked to national educational standards.

It is a Level 4, 500-hour training course and equivalent to a HNC/first year of a foundation Degree. 

This is the highest level of Yoga teacher training currently available in the UK. 

So if you are looking for a Yoga teacher training qualification that is recognised throughout the UK education system, by schools, colleges, universities and employers, then you have come to the right place.

The course begins in September 2024 and ends in July 2027 (no meetings in August) and will take place in Lytham Lancashire on the North West coast.

Please message me at [email protected] for more for more details or to apply for an application form.

The Highest Level of Yoga Teacher Training Currently Available in the UK


  • Award

British Wheel of Yoga BWYQ L4 Diploma in Teaching Yoga (RQF) 

  • Course Dates:

September 2024 to July 2027

  • Introductory Days

13 January 2024 (in person)

10 February 2024 (via Zoom)

  • Structure

The course will be taught in monthly in-person sessions (not August) 

  • Teaching 

You will be encouraged to begin teaching towards the end of the first year of the course. This will be an excellent way to develop your teaching skills, gain valuable experience with continuing tutor support and can help cover the cost of the training too.

  • Eligibility

You will need to have at least a GCSE or equivalent pass in English Literature or Language. The course is at RQF level 4 and all written work will be assessed to that level.  You should be attending a Yoga class and have at least 2 years' experience of attending a regular class. I welcome applications from all schools/traditions in addition to the BWY. Completion of the BWY Foundation Course is desirable but not essential. 

  • Venue

Lytham Assembly Rooms, Dicconson Terrace, Lytham, Lancashire, FY8 5JY

  • Costs: 

Please click here Diploma Course Training Financial Information for a detailed breakdown of the course costs.

  • Refund policy:

Should you decide not to complete the course, no further payment will be required but no refund will be given on anything paid. Should you miss a session payment will still be required for that session. In the event of the course not taking place all money will be refunded.

"I found Brenda when I signed up for the distance learning FC - I thought initially it would be a good idea to attend a class or two of hers while completing the course. As soon as I started to attend I realised I had found an extremely talented Yoga teacher and I quickly signed up to her monthly classes. It goes without saying I will be carrying on with the classes for the foreseeable future and will be first in line when she’s qualifies to teach the teachers."

Susan Drew, Foundation Course 2022


The Foundation Course 1 is run nationally (in England, Scotland and Wales) and is suitable for anyone who wishes to develop their personal practice of Yoga and widen their experience. It provides a comprehensive grounding in basic practical techniques taught in the context of the philosophy that underpins Yoga.  It is an ideal preparation for those who may wish to train as Yoga teachers in the future* but equally suitable for Yoga students who do not wish to teach.


BWY Foundation Course 1 Certificate of Attendance.

Length of Course:

This is a 10 month course with a total contact time of 60 hours 

The Course:

The core syllabus is covered on this course. This includes preparation for practice, asana (postures), mudra (sealing gestures), basic breathing, kriya (cleansing practice), pranayama (breath control), concentration techniques, meditation techniques, relaxation techniques, chanting, talks and discussions on the context and meaning of Yoga. 

Students are required to practise regularly throughout the course and are encouraged to reflect upon and make notes on their practice in journal form.  Other than this there is no home written work and the course is not formally assessed.

Please contact me for further details of my next FC1.

I am practising Yoga on a much more regular basis and feel I have made a lot of progress with all aspects, but particularly the breathing, meditation and relaxation. I have grown in both self-awareness and self-confidence and feel a much happier, healthier person for having done this course. I have discovered that there is so much to learn and that I love learning it. One of the most positive things I have ever done.

Diane H., Foundation Course 1, Lytham 2023


The Foundation Course 2 is run nationally (in England, Scotland and Wales) and focuses on basic practical techniques and personal development taught in the context of the philosophy that underpins Yoga. 

This course deliberately provides emphasis of pranayama and meditation as the basis for personal development. That said, it also expects this to inform a deepening of the students’ asana practice. 

It is not a teaching qualification but for those students who do want to progress to teacher training, it is a very good preparation.


BWY Foundation Course 2 Certificate of Attendance.

Length of Course:

This is a 10-month course with a total contact time of 60 hours 

Course Aims:

  1. To provide a BWY structured course to encourage personal growth and development through the practice and study of Yoga 
  2. To provide the opportunity to deepen self-awareness of: the energetic, through the exploration of pranayama, mudra and bandha; the holistic, through the exploration of relaxation and meditation; and the physical, through the exploration of asana
  3. To reflect upon the messages and philosophical beliefs of Yoga texts, mainly the Yoga Sutras

Please click here FC2 Syllabus for full details of the syllabus.

Contact me below for further details of my next FC2.


The comprehensive Foundation Course 1 by distance learning offers you the same wonderful opportunity to deepen and broaden your knowledge of Yoga and develop your practice but, as it is offered by distance learning, there is no need to travel and you will be able to fit your studying into your own personal timetable. 


The course covers both the theory and practice of Yoga and includes a variety of topics such as asana, pranayama, relaxation, meditation, hasta mudra, mantra, prana as well as Yoga philosophy with particular reference to the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.

How The Training Works

The learning materials are contained in a student pack sent to you at the beginning of the course. This comprises comprehensive notes, audios and a set of 9 assignment booklets. In addition to your independent study, support with your work is offered in the form of monthly Zoom meetings as well as a friendly WhatsApp group.  There is also the option of joining my daily online Yoga classes.

I welcome applications from Yoga students from all backgrounds with at least 2 years’ class practice.

For further information and/or an application form and teacher reference form, please contact me via email at [email protected] or by clicking the link below.

"The Foundation Course with Brenda exceeded all my expectations. Her passion for Yoga in all its aspects and her ability to link that to really substantial course content was a brilliant combination!"

Elizabeth McManus, 2020

What To Expect With Foundation Courses 1 & 2

I run both Foundation Course 1 and Foundation Course 2 over 10 months in the beautiful coastal town of Lytham in Lancashire, North West England. There is a variety of accommodation available for those who do not live locally and who may wish to stay overnight or for the weekend to explore the stunning coast and local countryside. I also run the Foundation Course 1 by distance learning so that you can pursue the course at your own pace. My Foundation Course 2 23/24 has now started.  

About Me

aI was born and raised in London but am a lifelong lover of Nature and now live with my family on the beautiful Lancashire coast where I walk, run, cycle, kayak and go for adventures with my 11 year old Lab Retriever.

I have been a BWY teacher since 2004, a Foundation Course 1 tutor since 2019 and a Foundation Course 2 tutor since 2022.  I am due to qualify as a Diploma Course Tutor in early 2024. 

In addition to my annual Foundation Courses, I teach daily online and in-person group and private classes, a weekly meditation practice and run regular retreats in the UK, Italy and Thailand.

I believe that Yoga is for every body, irrespective of age, ability, level, gender or background and so my teaching is extremely inclusive.

In addition to my Yoga teaching, I am also a qualified Ayurvedic consultant and run a weekly Ayurvedic clinic as well as a 6-month online module with the BWY called Beginning Your Ayurvedic Journey to share the wisdom of this truly beautiful Vedic science.